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In 2016, I discovered Thai Massage - actually Thai Yoga Massage as we called it. This is a western term, but it helps potential massage receivers know what to expect from a treatment - a yoga class without having to do any of the work.

As I learned this beautiful practice and practised it professionally, I became ever more fascinated by the relative positions of the massage practitioner and receiver. People would often liken in to a game of Twister that was famous back in the '60s and turned into a legend by Jonny Carson and Eva Gardner. In reality, it's truly awe-inspiring practice and the benefits of giving and receiving this massage form are extraordinary - I was amazed at the results!

These drawings are a study and reminder of the joys of massage - both as giver and receiver. They are drawn in pen and pencil, and then water or gouache is thinly rinsed over the image.

Dimensions: each image is approx. 30cm x 20cm

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